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About Us

“ Tradition in every block, elegance in every print. Unveil the artistry of Indian craftsmanship “

Emerged from a passion for our rich cultural heritage and a desire to celebrate the craftsmanship of our land, in the quaint pink city of Rajasthan, where the enduring legacy of some of the most exquisite handmade textiles in India exists, the idea of Manngiri was born.

An elegant block printed piece of textile, the warm and faint feel of culture in every design, us being more than a home-grown clothing brand, more like a dream to hold and empower vision of supporting the aim of #shoplocal and these generational skilled women of the art.Over the time, we have taken to working with Jaipur's block printed textiles and have been discovering them.

Going back to the roots, it all started in July 2021 by Grishma Anand, the heart of the brand, an avid traveller with warmth and love for connecting with people she encountered all throughout her journey and the thought of coming up with her own way of appreciating the artisans in the form of apparel crossed her mind while she was exploring the streets of Jaipur. Her knowledge varies from merchandising and curating a collection to managing a brand and looking after the accounts. When Grishma isn’t indulged in cooking up something special for Manngiri, you can find her ideas scattered in travelling, getting insights from every journey and giving life to those ideas.   

Ever since then, the brand has been curating collections with exclusive and limited production that co-exist for everyone, are handwoven by some of the finest artists in the country, using quality fabric and unique designs, selected personally, and made into work by our network of designers and weavers respectively.

The hands behind these beautiful creations that we have to offer are all a result of this dedication to keep the culture alive by supporting these artists in a manner where they feel appreciated while meeting the needs of our customer who understands that the value they’re putting in, forms motivation for our artists, helps giving them a direction to curate these one of kind designs that are travelling in the form of clothing, telling our story all over the country and overseas as well.